Havana’s National Hotel in December 85 years old

havana-live-hotel-nacionalHAVANA, Nov 22 (PL)  A wide program will be carried out in December this year in order to commemorate the 85 years of the National Hotel of Cuba, the most emblematic hotel in this archipelago, a symbol of Cuban tourism, as told by its general director Antonio Martinez here in this capital Friday.

There will be a meeting of young painters, an exhibit with unique bottles of rum and perfumes, a new version on a book about the history of the National Hotel, a photo contest and editions of postcards, among other activities.

The National Hotel, opened on December 30, 1930 with a very great party at the Ball Room (Parisien Cabaret), has now meetings, concerts and exchanges scheduled for the anniversary.

“Even a system of trenches brought to the hotel when the October Crisis was produced in the 60’s, is highly visited by travellers from all over the world,” said Martinez.

The National Hotel’s Hall of Fame, its gardens and the beautiful view constitue a privilege, which gives this hotel the first place among the best hotels in the country.

Martinez added that the company CubaRon will present for the occasion a spirit, dubbed Ron 1930, referring to the opening year, and also a perfume will be one of the surprises.

While the meeting itself will occur on December 30, several weeks before, they have planned activities and exchanges, in addition to inform foreign tourists on the date.

The book Revelaciones de Una Leyenda (Reliefs of a Legend), by authors Luis Baez (now deceased) and Pedro de la Hoz, will be the introduction of its new version, and a Commemorative Plate will be given to 85 personalities and institutions of the tourism system, for the anniversary.

Also, they are working for the redesign of the evening show of Cabaret Parisien, a simultaneous visual arts exhibit and a photo contest, with the distinction of admitting works by professionals and amateur photographers of any age, from anywhere in the world, and both from the present and the past.

Listed as a National Monument of Cuba, has a wonderful view of much of the capital, symbol of Cuban inns, five stars, the National Hotel is operated by Gran Caribe hotel group.

It has been drafted in the drawings of architects McKim Mead and the White New York Architects, and its construction was carried by Purdy Henderson Company, which guaranteed the opening ceremony.

Its lineage is ratified by those who were its guests, including Johnny Weissmuller, Ava Gardner, Buster Keaton, Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra, politicians and celebrities of all kinds (a long list).

With its 426 rooms, most with ocean view, now has a rescue plan that will take 90 names of the celebrities who stayed in it.