Havana to host International Wine Fair in Hotel Nacional

HAVANA,  Jul 13 (ACN) Havana will host the 22nd International Wine Festival, to be held at Hotel Nacional de Cuba on October 4 to 6 this year.As on previous occasions, according to the venue’s marketing specialist Víctor Gregorio Rosquete, new products and flavors will be presented to the local market, especially as an added value for island tourism.

The Festival will welcome manufacturers, merchants, specialists, distributors, sellers and consumers, who will be able to showcase their wines as part of a program that also includes a blind testing session in the days leading up to the official opening of the event.

There will be presentations, lectures, workshops, business meetings and wine-and-cigar pairings, the specialist remarked.

October 6 features the awards ceremony to recognize the best stand among the exhibiting companies, the winning wines in the blind tasting sessions, and the winning product in the wine-and-cigar pairing.