Havana Sea Level Rose Ten Centimeters Over Last 50 Years

havana-live-sea-level-havanaHAVANA , June 6  The sea level rose an average of 10 centimeters in Cuba over the past five decades, due to global warming, said Dr. Marcelino Hernandez, a Doctor in Meteorological Sciences Thursday.

Hernandez, a member of the Institute of Oceanology of Cuba, said that the maximum rate is reaching the size of the sea medium level on the island, which, as a result of climate change caused by the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, is at about two millimetres per year.
According to Hernandez, this is a medium level on which the tide of astronomical origin oscillates, caused by the influence of the Sun and the Moon mainly, the occurrence of extreme events such as cyclones and cold fronts, as well as monthly anomalies.
He warned that there is evidence of experts from around the world that a collapse or acceleration in the melting of the polar ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctic might occur, and of the own glaciers in the mountains, that would cause the greater acceleration even more, at planetary scale. In Cuba, he said, all low-caost areas in both coasts are threatened, but mostly on the Southern coast. In statements to Prensa Latina, he added that the keys and islets of the archipelago have a natural ability to adapt to those changes.
The Institute of Oceanology carries out a project on the estimate of the rate of rise of the sea level from national recording network data, in coordination with other Cuban entities, as part of the study on vulnerability and risks associated with the rise of the level of the sea in the country. Currently – Hernandez said – the development of this network is carried out with the provision of new tide verification instruments with a very high resolution using pressure sensors in the background for real-time data transmission and radar technologies.
The goal is to have tools and reliable data for planning long-term socio-economic development of the coastal areas in Cuba, as well as to minimize the impact of this negative effect of the climate change caused by human beings in the industrial era, he said.