Havana School of Ballet Triumphs at International Contest

havana-live-ballet-contestCuba won the largest number of medals at the 4th International Ballet Contest of South Africa (two gold medals, one silver and one bronze), announced today the principalship of the National School of Ballet.
Students Rafael Quenedit and François Llorente won gold and bronze medals, respectively, in the junior category, while the professionals who have graduated from this same institution, Ramiro Samón and Javier Monier, won gold and silver among the seniors. Director of the National School of Ballet, Ramona De Sáa, told Prensa Latina she was satisfied with these results of the effort of the young students and the hard work of various teachers in the center.
She was also pleased because the eight students sent to compete passed the first round and the references on their performance were all excellent.
Professor Yuneysi Rodríguez, who led the delegation to the contest, talked with the director about the good performance of the schoolÂ?s new values.
The event was attended by participants from Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, China, the United States, South Africa and Cuba. Master De Saa, National Award for Dance 2006, stated that the important thing was to dance well, with technique, and also style and taste.