Havana: scene of sexy Miami fashion campaign

Havana: scene of sexy Miami fashion campaignHAVANA, Sept. 27 To the rhythm of the song “Isla Bella” of the group Orishas, a group of lush models walk in heels and swimsuits in the city of Havana.

This is not a new video clip, but the “Viva Cuba” 2018 advertising campaign, created for the popular fashion brand based in Miami, Luli Fama.

Famous as Shannon de Lima, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the celebrities who have worn the popular bathing suits of Cuban designer Lourdes Hanimian and her brother-in-law Augusto Hanimian.

Its designers chose the contrast and color of the tourist areas of Havana, a city stopped in time and its beauty destroyed, to promote their bathing suits full of colors and tropical prints.