Havana Latin American Film Festival with 94 films in competition dedicated to director James Ivory

94 films will be shown at the Latin American Film Festival of HavanaHavana, November 20 (EFE) According to its director, Iván Giroud, said today at a press conference, more than 400 films will be screened during the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, to be held between December 8 and 18 in Havana.

Of the total number of films, 94 will compete in a contest resulting from “a very rigorous and demanding selection”.

“The films that compete this year are a representation of the most important thing that has been done in Latin America in the last year”, said Giroud in the presentation of the program of the 39th edition of that festival, founded by the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez .

In the category of fiction feature films, five Argentine titles compete, five Brazilian, three from Mexico, two from Chile, two from Cuba, one from Colombia and another from the Dominican Republic.

The Cuban titles are “Sergio & Serguèi”, directed by Ernesto Darana and co-produced by Spain and the United States, and “Los buenas demonios”, by Gerardo Chijona.

In addition, 18 short and medium-length films, 18 raw operas, 23 documentaries and 16 animated films enter the competition.

“Of all the competing titles, a third are directed by women, a percentage that is still insufficient but that is far above what happens in other festivals and that is a sample of the high level of cinema made by women,” he said. Giroud.

Among those titles are “Alanis” by Anahí Zulma, the story of a prostitute mother of a baby in the most multiracial and violent Buenos Aires; the historical “Zama”, of the Argentinean Lucrecia Martel; “Praça Paris” by the Brazilian Lùcia Murat; the Chilean “Los Perros” by Marcela Said, or the Natalia Orozco documentary “El silencio de los rifiles”, about peace with the FARC in Colombia.

The Brazilian “O filme da minha vida” (The film of my life) by Selton Mello, among the titles to the contest, will be the film that opens the festival on December 8, when it will be given to its associate director, Carlos Diegues, representative of the “Cinema Novo” movement, the Coral of Honor for his entire career.

Among the guests of this edition will also be the American filmmaker James Ivory, who will be screened a cycle with his best known titles, such as “A room with a view”, “Jefferson in Paris”, “The divorce” or “The Russian countess” , based on a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, last Literature Nobel, who adapted the script.

The festival returns this year to the cycle “Restored Classics”, in which you can see in high quality “Lucía” (1968), by Humberto Solás -one of the classics of Cuban cinema-; “Permuta” (1983), by Cuban Juan Carlos Tabío; as well as “Canoa” (1976) and “Los motivos de luz” (1985), by the Mexican Felipe Cazals or “Rodrigo No futuro” (1989), by the Colombian Víctor Gaviria.

In fact, Cazals and Gaviria will also be in Havana during their film week because they will be part of the jury of the fiction category.