Havana Ibero-American Capital of Cocktails 2024

Havana Ibero-American Capital of Cocktails 2024

HAVANA, Jan 25  Havana today received the title of Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomy 2024 by its excellence in this domain, regarding the International Tourism Fair (Fitur).The president of the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy (AIBG), Rafael Ansón, presented the recognition to the Cuban Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda, in a simple ceremony at the Caribbean island’s stand at Fitur.

“It is a modality that invites you to meet, to socialize as a preamble to a meal or simply to have a good time. And obviously, Havana is the capital of cocktail culture, because it is a genuine expression of Cuba and today the bartenders are educated, friendly people,” Ansón commented to Prensa Latina.

As if that were not enough, two of the best cocktails in history (daiquiri and mojito) were born with Cuban rum (…), I am an honorary bartender of Cuba, of which I am extremely proud, added the head of the AIBG.

Minister García Granda, for his part, highlighted that in the world the prestige of Cuban cocktails is enormous and at least five of them have won international awards. “They offer a pleasant sensation, as a mixture of flavors and smells to which the bartenders dedicate many hours in its concept and preparation,” he said.

Some drinks do not contain alcohol, so when consuming them you live an experience; Cuba, due to its prestige, organized the world cocktail festival last year, and the Cuban bartenders association belongs to these events, he said.

García Granda added that bartenders are people who carry out their profession with dignity, with appropriate bearing and appearance, which is why we are very honored to receive the category of capital of Ibero-American cocktails in 2024.

He took the opportunity to reiterate that Cuba hopes to exceed the threshold of three million visitors this year, although he acknowledged that the recovery compared to 2019 is progressing slowly, among other aspects due to the negative impact of the United States economic blockade.

The Spanish supplement Gente publishes today in its special edition with an emphasis on Fitur an interview with the Cuban minister in which he addresses details of the prospects of the industry without chimneys on the largest island of the Antilles.

Gente was distributed at the threshold of the Latin American and Caribbean pavilion at Fitur, an event in which 152 countries and more than nine thousand companies take part.