Havana Hosts Int’l Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes

 Havana Hosts Int'l Dance Festival in Urban LandscapesHAVANA, Apr 12th (PL) The 23rd edition of the event, also known as ‘Habana Vieja: ciudad en movimiento’ (Old Havana: City in Motion), proposes a series of exhibitions, concerts, audiovisual projections and dance performances in streets, squares, parks and museums of the historical district of Havana.

As every year, the festival -organized by the dance-theater company Retazos and the Office of the Historian of the City, supported by the Havana Theater Center- promotes opportunities for professional development through courses, workshops, lectures and keynote speeches taught by national and foreign teachers.

Some of the techniques addressed will be Afro-Cuban Dances, Mestiza, Arara, Contemporary Dance, Tango, Retazos and Contact Improvisation, by professionals such as Sofia Barriga (Ecuador), John Fandiño (Colombia), Luca Carco and Paula Zacharias (Argentina), Reinado Echemendia, Jhoannes Garcia and Isabel Bustos (Cuba).

According to the director of the event, Isabel Bustos (2012 National Dance Award), this festival promotes ties between the common inhabitants of the city with their surroundings through movement, and contributes to the culture in a new and enthusiastic way.

Time table Festival in Urban Landscapes !!!

Wednesday 11

10:00 a 1:00am. clases y talleres. Centro A+ Compostela e/ Teniente
Rey y Muralla
4:00pm.Plaza de armas inaguracion de exposiciones sala guayasamin y
sala de la diversidad
5:00 inaguracion del 13 festival internacional de videodanza dv danza
Habana: movimiento y ciudad
9:00pm. inaguración del festival. Plaza de Arma igual que la clausura

Thursday 12

10:00am-1:00pm clases y talleres Centro A +
3:00pm. Pasacalles. calles, parques
8:00pm. Casa de África. Proyeccion de audiovisuales
9:00pm. Sede danza retazos.

Friday 13

10:00am-1:00pm clases y talleres
3:00pm. Pasacalles. calles, parques
6:00pm. Casa Museo Benito Juárez
8:00pm. Casa del África
9:00pm. Sede danza retazos

Saturday 14

10:00am-1:00pm clases y talleres. Centro A+
11:00am-1:00pm Programación infantil
3:00pm. Pasacalles. calles, parques
6:00pm Casa museo benito juarez
7:00pm casa mueseo Guayasamín
9:00pm sede Danza retazos