Havana denounces a “gross manipulation” of the Twitter algorithm to destabilize the island

HAVANA, Nov. 14th The Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parilla, denounced this Saturday “a gross manipulation” in the Twitter algorithm that produces the impression that a high number of Internet users on the island publish messages on the platform that include a label against of the Cuban Government.

“On Twitter, a gross manipulation of its algorithm to give the impression that there is a high number of users located in Cuba with positions against our government, “the foreign minister tweeted.

His comments come after a label began to circulate on social networks that summons people to an unauthorized opposition march for next November 15, the date when the reopening of the country and the reactivation of its economy will take place.

“Viciousness and interference of imperialism”

According to the Cuban Foreign Minister, there is evidence that only 15 % of messages were posted on Friday between 12:00 and 13:00 with the “label used in the US-funded operation” they were issued by users located on the island.

In this context, the Chancellor he pointed that most of the “toxic contents” that make use of the label originate in the North American country, while in other parts of the world “its dissemination is scarce.” “There is no margin of doubt about the viciousness and interference of imperialism vs. Cuba,” he wrote.

“As I denounced in a presentation to the diplomatic corps, private US platforms such as Twitter transgender [sus] own rules and policies, alter geolocation mechanisms to favour toxic operations vs. Cuba and instigate destabilization actions, “added Rodríguez Parilla.

At the same time, in opposition to the label, the hashtags #Cubavive, #Cuba; #NoMasBloqueo and #LaRazonEsNuestroEscudo, while messages of support began to arrive in Cuba from different parts of the world condemning the situation that occurred on the social network.