Havana Club seeks to expand market niches

Havana Club seeks to expand market niches

HAVANA, Sept. 25th  The Cuban rum marketing company Havana Club International S.A. Today it seeks new market niches to highlight the opinion of experts about the exclusive quality of its products.This opinion comes from experts and the most recent creations presented by the firm at the recently concluded XIII Varadero Gourmet International Festival (the company emerged in 1993 as a joint venture between CubaRon and the French marketing company Pernod Ricard).

Therefore, it currently promotes three emblematic drinks from its extensive portfolio of proposals. The company set out to push the latest innovations such as HC Smoky, HC Profundo and HC Spiced.

The versatility of these products allows us to provide customers with a unique sensory experience, in which invention and tradition, mixology and culinary converge, a reflection of the brand’s potential as an exponent of Cuban culture, its experts reported.

Havana Club International S.A. is very focused on innovation, as one of the most strategic pillars that the company has, not only in Cuba but also internationally, and in that sense, it also works on continuing the promotion of its leading product, HC 7 Years rum.

The rum firm now presents new aspects of its innovations that highlight the distinctive features of these unique products, for which it remembers that HC Profundo surprises for being a Super Premium aged white rum with a distinctive profile that evokes the spirit and energizes the tradition of rums. Cuban whites.

It is a versatile drink that reveals a different quality, in which its creator, the First Master of Cuban Rum Juan Carlos González, achieves a perfect balance between intensity and softness, a unique mixture of aged rum bases with a greater proportion of spirits and minimal of sugar, indicates the tasting sheet.

For its part, HC Cuban Spiced is a bold product inspired by the tropical nature of Cuba that combines the world-famous Havana Club Añejo Especial rum with exotic flavors and warm spices to create a refreshing spirit.

The newest expression in the Havana Club range balances the flavor of sweet vanilla and aromatic spices with hints of guava, toasted coconut and fresh pineapple, to add a new dimension and flavor profile to this rum.

Havana Club, which loves to tread new paths and break rules, also proposes its HC Cuban Smoky, dark rum, with surprising smoky notes, originating from exclusive blends of rum bases, aged in warehouses at the San José distillery (western municipality). of Mayabeque), mean the rum masters.

Its originality comes from the unique touch that was given by the Finish (final process) of one of the bases in barrels that previously contained smoked Scotch whiskey, thanks to the inventiveness of the Master of Cuban Rum, Asbel Morales.

Havana Club International S.A. exports to more than 120 countries and is considered the third international rum brand in the world outside the United States, and a global leader in this type of drink, recall the company’s spokespersons.