Havana Club presents new Professional Editions

Havana Club presents new Professional Editions

 HAVANA, Dec 18 (RHC) Havana Club International S.A. presented this Friday the Professional Editions C and D, which come to enrich the exclusive range of Cuban rums,

designed by and for bartenders, the result of collaboration between renowned bartenders and masters of Cuban rum.

After two first internationally successful editions, the experimental series Havana Club Professional Edition continues to bring canteen professionals closer to new rums with unique flavour profiles, according to a press release published on the company’s website.

The Professional Edition C is a rich, delicate, gold-coloured Premium rum that has been created with exclusive blends of rum bases aged in the San José Ronera wineries (Mayabeque province), aged in American white oak barrels; it is ideal to be enjoyed both alone and in cocktails.

The aromatic balance of a strong but smooth rum makes the Professional Edition D special, as the intensity of its aroma is perfectly balanced by its notes of fresh cane juice, the text specifies.

For the new editions, there was the collaboration of two of the most relevant bartenders in the world: Carina Soto and Alex Kratena, included in 2019 in the Bar World 100 list by Drinks International magazine as two of the most influential figures of the industry.

Carina is one of the founders of Quixotic Projects, a famous Paris-based hospitality group and Alex is a multi-award-winning bartender and the co-founder of the non-profit organization P (OUR). In the Cuban market, the four deliveries will be available at strategic points, at a price of 19.90 CUC (Cuban convertible pesos), or its equivalent in Cuban pesos (CUP).

These products can already be purchased in Havana, at the Havana Club Rum Museum, and at the end of December, they can also be found in stores of the Cimex corporation in Varadero, Camagüey and the center of the country.

Fátima Ermus, head of the Havana Club & Pernod Ricard Brand, said that the Havana Club Professional Edition series responds to the interest in building, around the Havana Club Añejo 7 Years, since the same bottle and the same label form are used, a variety of products that reinforce the brand’s relationship with bartenders.

The Professional Editions are a sample of the constant innovation in which Havana Club International S.A is immersed; With this product, the company aims to motivate bartenders to believe with them and appreciate the versatility of Havana Club rums, he said. (Source: ACN).