Havana Club officially launched its limited edition “Tributo 2019”

Havana Club officially launched its limited edition "Tributo 2019"

HAVANA, Feb. 14th  – Havana Club, Cuba’s state-run rum maker, has officially launched its limited edition “Tributo 2019.” Each 70cl bottle, sold for 400 Euros, is said to offer a “balanced aroma and taste, with sweet notes of dry fruits, highly evolve oak and subtle flavors of vanillin and dried fruits, especially roast almond.”

“It’s a generational mix, a mix of qualities,” said Christian Barre, CEO of Havana Club International.

Only 2,500 bottles were made to be sold in more than 20 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Of the 2,500, 400 will be sold in Cuba.

“It pays homage and reaffirms the Cuban rum tradition, that cultural heritage…is real and is alive,” said Asbel Morales, Havana Club’s Rum Maestro.

Morales is one of eight maestros in Cuba, who are seen as the guardians of the Cuban rum tradition.

The rum is said to have an added feminine touch as the first and only female maestra, Salome Aleman, actively participated in the development process. “Tributo is a jewel,” Aleman said. (Agencias)