English agency create new brand vision for Havana Club

havana-live-havana_club_01HAVANA, may 6th Havana Club is hoping that a newly implemented brand vision and updated packaging for its core product Havana Club 7, will help to “re-establish integrity and balance” in the rum brand.

The Pernod Ricard-owned drink wanted to focus more on its Cuban roots and approached Pearlfisher to create a brand vision, architecture and design aesthetic, which first focuses on Havana Club 7.

The agency wanted to bring a sense of authenticity to Havana Club and following a trip to Havana itself worked with Cuban artists to better understand the different visual cues of the vibrant culture of the city. Pearlfisher then rooted the reinvention of the brand in the idea of ‘crafted by hand’.

The agency’s design team combined two classic Cuban aesthetics, cigar art and screen printing to bring the crafted idea to the fore. For the structural design for the Havana Club 7 bottle inspiration was taken from the ‘Maestros del Ron Cubano’, Havana Club’s rum masters, who asked for the bottle to “be as carefully considered as its precious contents”. The new bottle is bolder and more substantial than its predecessor, with defined shoulders and a sturdier base.

The bottle also features a series of unique neck tags to celebrate individuals responsible for different stages of the rum’s production process to highlight the ‘human touch’, which is inherent in the brand and to connecting connoisseurs and first-time drinkers alike with the craftsmen behind the rum.havana-live-havana_club_tag

Nick Blacknell, marketing director at Havana Club added: “Pearlfisher has done a brilliant job to unveil a new look for Havana Club 7 that speaks of our proud Cuban roots and the people behind this revered rum. Capitalising on the growing global demand for high quality sipping rums, this new bottle will bring our Cuban spirit to international Havana Club fans and continue to support our leadership of the super-premium rum category.”