Havana, 504 years old and a city in motion

Havana, 504 years old and a city in motion

HAVANA, Nov 16  The capital of Cuba wears an outfit with an air of renewal to celebrate its 504th birthday today, changing its old 16th century costumes for a distinguished eclecticism.In the midst of transformation, restoration, paintings, chisels and scaffolding, Havana reaches this anniversary converted into a city in motion, with its Wonder City label, but very classic and, at the same time, modern.

The campaign for the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal in Havana began with this extensive renovation plan and the efforts of its “eternal historian”, Eusebio Leal, to keep the city in plenitude, and the entire network of properties and system existing heritage in the former town.

Leal said: “If they break or damage this thing tomorrow we will restore it again.”

In the context of the celebrations and as part of the investment program promoted, the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana (OHCH) will deliver a group of social works this day.

The date of the city’s inauguration coincides with the 40th anniversary of several house museums, including the Casa de la Obrapía, with a new museography concept that received rehabilitation thanks to international cooperation.

Thanks to the support of the NGO KCD and financing from the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation and the Bilbao City Council, this property was able to be recovered.

The new collections of the place will be displayed in the Arab House and the new headquarters of the Cultural Management Office will be inaugurated in the Palacio del Conde de Jaruco.

A true city in motion, with emblematic buildings, such as the Precioso, in the Plaza Vieja, undergoing structural rehabilitation and now equipped with functions adapted to the new scenarios; also two buildings with 13 homes, plus the Palace of the Royal Proclamation.

Surrounded by sea, bathed by the waters of the Gulf to the west, and those of the Atlantic Ocean to the east, both connected currents, Havana shines with a renovated facility to exhibit marine species in the freshwater Aquarium that will operate in the Historic Center.

This site will also be inaugurated and those who visit it will enjoy different aquatic ecosystems.

During this day, the House of Green Gables will inaugurate the exhibition “Stones and Shadows”, the House of Africa will have the opening of the Griot Space and a capoeira workshop and the Oswaldo Guayasamín House will open the photographic exhibition “Havana and its Stories”.

Meanwhile, the Factoría Habana gallery will celebrate the anniversary with the exhibition “Cuban Artists. Between utopia and dystopia.

The festivity will catch the night with a show at the Teatro Martí, however, this November 16 the traditional return to the ceiba will be the closing of such an illustrious onomastic at 8:30 p.m. local time in El Templete, in the Historic Center, declared in 1982 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and where the first town hall was held in 1519.

Like the bride waiting to get married, the city of five centuries and four years of history arrives renewed, classic and Royal Wonderful, in a campaign to remember its origins and the multiple occasions on which one of the first eight towns resurfaced.

All celebrations to improve, both artistically and constructively, this great work that is Havana.