Great Throwdini says, Circuba is a First-Class Event

 HAVANA ,July 17 (PL) The American artist David Ralph Adamovich, considered the fastest and most accurate knife thrower in the world, said here today the International Festival Circuba 2016 is a first-class event.

‘It has been a wonderful experience to participate in the contest’ assured Adamovich to Prensa Latina, known in show business as the Great Throwdini.

Shortly before preparing to go on stage, the artist confessed to feel very comfortable with the Cuban audience that for the first time in many years witness a show of throwing knives able to get out the last drop of adrenaline.

Adamovich and his model, Lynn Wheat, expressed joy for attending the 15th edition of Circuba and learn about the hospitality of the people of this island that in every performance has crowded in Havana the circus tent called Trompoloco, the venue of event.

Winner of several Guinness Records for his skill in handling white weapons on the stage, the Great Throwdini,70, worked as a university professor before arriving to the show business.

He performs since he was 50 years old and today stands out internationally as one of the few knives throwers on the planet, as well as being able to throw at any human target 97 daggers in just 60 seconds.

Taking place until next Sunday in Havana, Circuba 2016 brings together the talent of Latin American, Caribbean, European, Asian and national artists with spectacular performances.

Founded in 1981, the event is considered the most important of its kind in Latin America and is the third oldest in the world, preceded by that of Monte-Carlo (1974) and the Circus of Tomorrow (1977).