Government announces creation of service centers to sell fuel in MLC

Government announces creation of service centers to seel fuel in MLC

HAVANA, Dec. 31st. The Cuban Government announced the sale of fuel in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC), as they had announced in the Ordinary Session of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP).The Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernández, said in a recent meeting of the Council of Ministers that “the update of retail and wholesale fuel prices will be carried out; For this purpose, a network of service centers will be enabled that will be used to collect fresh foreign currency, under the premise of avoiding negative impacts on the population.”

Although the number of these places in which this service will be enabled was not detailed, the options are being opened as part of the announcements made by the Cuban authorities a few days ago.

The Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez had stated during the meetings of the ANPP Economic Affairs Commission that the country sells “perhaps the cheapest fuel in the area, one of the cheapest in the world.”

“But when we raise the price of fuel, some services and some prices will go up,” he clarified.

“The individual who has to buy fuel at higher prices will immediately look for justification to raise the price of transportation. And the agricultural producer who has to buy diesel at a higher price will want to raise the price of food. However, we all agree with the measure,” he stressed.

Gil Fernández also reiterated in a Round Table held last Wednesday, December 27, that the regime cannot sell “subsidized” fuel, amid strong criticism from the population for the galloping increase in prices in recent months.

“The country cannot maintain the price of fuel, which is the cheapest in the world when you compare it with the prices of other countries and with the price at which tourists buy,” he said.