The Government announces audit to 361 companies and state units

The Government announces audit to 361 companies and state unitsHAVANA, Oct. 28 (EFE) The behavior of 361 companies, units, budgeted centers and state commercial establishments of Cuba will be evaluated during the XII National Checking of Internal Control that will be applied by the Comptroller General of the island between November 1 and December 12 next.

The actions of the exercise will be executed in 138 entities, 123 basic business units, 98 budgeted centers and 2 commercial establishments, with priority in the agri-food sector and local subordination structures.

The inspection will involve more than 2,000 auditors and will have as its main objective to examine the status and use of inventories, which have shown an increasing trend in recent years, explained today the general comptroller of the island, Gladys Bejerano, quoted in a report from the state Cuban News Agency.

According to documents from the Office of the Comptroller General, the exercise will examine compliance with rules and procedures that regulate administrative and accounting control and the treatment and management of inventories, especially slow moving and idle.

In a meeting of the Cuban Parliament held last December it was known that in 2016 the value of inventories exceeded 23,000 million pesos (about 92 million dollars), with an upward trend throughout the period, even when the gross domestic product experienced a fall of 0.9%.

Of this amount, 30% corresponded to merchandise for sale and 20% to productions in process.

Bejerano, who is also vice-president of the Government, explained that in a complementary manner the situation of economic contracting, accounts receivable and payable, payments to the non-state sector and the efficient use of fuel will be analyzed.

He warned that in instances where applicable cash and bank cash, tangible fixed assets and investment processes will also be verified.

He also stressed that the purpose of the verification is not to “surprise or reprimand companies”, but to “dialogue” with staff and verify the “control of resources” in order to identify and solve existing deficiencies.

Experts from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma) and more than 1,000 university students from different specialties will be involved in the exercise, according to Deputy Comptroller General Alina Vicente.

In addition, it considered that it is of “great importance” and “strict compliance” to be reported in a “clear and argued” manner, to the workers of the audited entities and their union leaders of the “violations and deficiencies” that are detected and their consequences, causes and responsibilities of those involved.

The General Comptroller’s Office, created in 2009, has carried out “control actions”, audits and supervisory visits to hundreds of companies and state institutions.