Gourmet Festival in Havana Kicks off with Audiovisuals

havana-live--gourmetWorkshops, lectures, and panels are scheduled for the 2nd Annual Gourmet Festival, “Flavors of Cuba and the World,” that, dedicated to drinks complementing fine cuisine, begins here today with an examination of audiovisual works centered around food.
Based at Casa de Mexico in the historic old quarter of Habana Vieja, the event will begins its sessions with the panel “Strawberries and Chocolate: the Cuban gourmet film,” including participation by some of the team involved in the making of the film, led by actress Mirtha Ibarra. Also on the list is a presentation by Peru’s ambassador to Cuba, Mr. Victor Mayorga, “The National and International Boom in Peruvian Gastronomy.”
havana-live--cocktailFour visual arts exhibitions, including three with photos and one with sketches, will open in the afternoon.
Running until Saturday, the theoretical portion of the program will include discussions about the combination of Cuban cigars and drinks, the revival of the traditional Mexican pulque (a fermented drink made from cactus sap), and the feeding of Cuban and Spanish soldiers during the wars for Cuba’s independence.
From today through Saturday, Nov. 30, the Lumiere Movie Theater in Old Havana will present a film series: “Cinema and Gastronomy.”
Prior to the festival’s closing ceremony, winners of the photo contest “Eat, drink, feel,” will be announced, along with a book launch for “Historia empresarial del ron cubano” (Managerial History of Cuban Rum), by Miguel Serrano.