HAVANA, Oct. 18 Global Air, the company that owns the old Boeing 737-200 plane that crashed in Havana last May, will have to pay several fines amounting to about US$ 90,000 , according to the newspaper published on Wednesday. Reform.

Luis Gerardo Fonseca, head of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics of Mexico, said that “administrative failures” had been detected in the company after an audit carried out after the air disaster in Havana that caused 112 deaths.

Although the company was notified of these sanctions almost two weeks ago, it is trying to avoid fines through a nullity trial. On October 2, Global Air delivered a set of documents to avoid being sanctioned, but the Mexican authorities have said that it is not enough.

Fonseca had previously said that Global Air had deficiencies in the maintenance of the three aircraft it operated, including the accident, which had been rented by the state-run airline Cubana de Aviación.

Mexican authorities suspended Global Air’s operations in May. The airline, registered under the name Damojh Airlines, had already been suspended in 2010 after an emergency landing, and in 2013 by the complaint of one of its workers.

Global Air issued a statement in mid-July blaming the pilots of the flight to the city of Holguin of the accident. According to the company, the aviators had taken off with a very steep angle of ascent.

That same day the Institute of the Civil Aeronautics of Cuba issued a statement denying the assertions of Global Air and assured that the investigation process still continued.

The only survivor of the accident, the Cuban Maylén Díaz Almaguer, has been paraplegic and is currently in the process of recovery. The relatives of three victims of the accident have already filed the first lawsuits against the company in a court in Chicago, Boeing’s world headquarters.

Juana Cutiño Alfaro, whose two children died in the accident, and Elba Buitrago Cabrera, who lost a brother in the accident, say that Global Air was negligent in the training of its pilots, which caused the death of their relatives.