“Gibson gives” guitars to art school students in Cuba

HAVANA, May 11  Gibson, the iconic leading brand in the manufacture of musical instruments, donated 52 acoustic guitars, in addition to sets of strings and equipment, to students of the National Art School (ENA) of Cuba through the goodwill ambassador Derek Walker for Gibson Gives.

According to a statement released Wednesday, Gibson Giver, Gibson’s charitable organization, donated a hundred sets of guitar strings, picks, and 52 Epiphone acoustic guitars to 21 ENA music education programs.

In addition, “in the coming months,” Gibson will donate 100 more Epiphone guitars to the institution, which is part of the state educational system.

“Cuban music and songwriting has a very rich musical history and global impact, and we are delighted to do our bit to ensure this tradition continues to thrive with the next generation,” said Dendy Jarrett, CEO of Gibson Gives. .

"Gibson gives" guitars to art school students in Cuba

Raul Paz

Zulema Armas, deputy director of communication and international relations at the National Center for Art Schools on the island, stated that the donation is made with a vision of the future.

“By putting musical instruments like these high-quality guitars in the hands of our aspiring artists, you are also contributing to the development of young talents who will perform on major stages in the future, making the world a more beautiful place with their creativity and vital force,” said Armas.

Walker, who played professionally in the NFL as a defensive end, personally delivered the instruments and equipment to the students.

“I remain grateful to Gibson for seeing and believing in my initial vision to donate guitar picks and strings to students in Cuba. In less than a year, I am amazed that we have been able to donate Epiphone guitars to 21 music schools across Cuba,” Walker said.

The statement adds that all Gibson Gives donations go towards “giving the gift of music.”

In the past three years,Gibson Gives, the “philanthropic arm of Gipson,” the famed guitar brand founded in 1894, has raised more than $3.5 million worldwide through its mission.

“Gibson Gives believes that investing in music education will produce better people, better leaders, and a better world,” the organization notes. EFE