German company will invest 40 million euros in Globe Park in Havana

Invertirán 25 millones de euros en un Globo Parque en La Habana

HAVANA, March 2 The German company BERmeeCU will invest more than 40 million euros in a Globe Park in Havana,According to the official website of this project that was scheduled to open in November 2019 on the occasion of the 500 years of the capital of Cuba.

Although that initial date was not met, the company plans to build and manage that 30,000 square meter facility around Havana Bay, said Gunther Neubert, representative of the German Office for the Promotion of Trade and Investment in Cuba to the Travel Trade Caribbean magazine.

German company will invest 40 million euros in Globe Park in Havana
 BERmeeCU. Globe Park project in Havana. Source: BERmeeCU

The ‘Globe Park’ will feature “an ascending captive balloon (up to 150 meters above the city), a 360 ° panoramic tower, an outdoor theatre, bars and restaurants,” according to the German representative. There will also be an area with a pool and views of Old Havana.

Neubert did not specify the new opening date of the millionaire project that will contrast, in the future, with the destroyed buildings of Havana.

The German investment exceeds 40 million euros on the official website of BERmeeCU, where they add that they expect to attract between 800,000 to 1.6 million visitors a year.

BERmeeCU details that it will manage this temporary project for at least 15 years.

The company has been with this idea for Havana since 2015 and finally, in 2016 they chose the old coalfield as the site where the Globe Park will be built, similar to those that exist in cities such as Berlin (Germany), Paris (France) and Orlando ( U.S).

German company will invest 40 million euros in Globe Park in Havana
Location of the Globe Park in the Bay of Havana. Source: BERmeeCU 

In addition, a ferry service is provided – by a German shipping company – to transport park visitors. The idea is to communicate both sides of the bay.

Germany will continue to invest in Cuba, Neubert said, although the volume of trade between that country and the island is stagnant at a low level: only 274.4 million euros and 282.3 million euros in 2018 and 2017, he detailed cited medium.