German Cinema in Havana again

havana-live-oh_boyHAVANA, June 25   As it is customary in the last week of every June, Havana movie buffs are on their countdown to the start of a season devoted to German cinema, including films like laureate “Oh Boy” (Jan Ole Gerster, 2012).

The Cinematheque of Cuba will screen on June 25-30 a season of films produced in the years 2011-2013, including Gerster’s first work, which is considered a crude social portrait.
Filmed in black and white, Gerster, 34, tells the story of Niko, a teen that abandons his fiancee, the university and the secure relatives’ maintenance.
In several interviews, the filmmaker said he intended to portrait society in general and not only the people of his generacion, as he knowns there has always been people who feel themselves out of place. This film is a German Cinema laureate in the categories of best film, best director and best screenplay.
According to Antonio Mazon, a programmer of the Cinematheque of Cuba, this exhibition will contribute to strengthen cultural cooperation links between Germany and Cuba.