Friday Photos – December 21, 2018

HAVANA,Dec. 21th  Rains and penetrations of the sea were recorded this Friday in the western part of Cuba, with an impact on the capital of the Island, precisely in the neighborhood of Vedado, as a consequence of the extensive circulation of the extratropical climatic fall that affects this entire geographical area.

The showers, strong and numerous this Thursday, from Villa Clara, in the center, to the west, could be strong again in the same region, while the penetrations of the sea will focus the attention of the inhabitants of Havana, especially those who live near the coast, said the Cubasi digital media.Friday Photo - December 21, 2018

The waves could reach the Pan-American Highway in some of its eastern parts of the capital, and reach Linea Street in areas of Vedado, in the municipality of Plaza de la Revolución, one of the most centric in the city, according to meteorology specialists.
During the previous afternoon there were strong winds in different places of the capital, with gusts, according to the Havana Canal News, of more than 100 kilometers per hour

On the other hand, there were strong swells in the southwestern coast, which will extend until this Friday from the provinces of Pinar del Río to Mayabeque.

The Institute of Meteorology, meanwhile, reported that the winds from this early morning will blow from the west, with speeds of 30 to 50 kilometers per hour, which may persist for many hours. Friday Photos - December 21, 2018

Friday Photos - December 21, 2018

Friday Photos - December 21, 2018

Friday Photos - December 21, 2018Photos : AFP