French Singer Edith Piaff at the Museum of Wooden Sculptures in Matanzas

HAVANA, march 1th  (PL) Edith Piaff is now part of the Museum of Wooden Sculptures of Casa de la Memoria Escénica (CME) in this western city, a hall that recognizesauthors and theatrical plays of the country.

CME’s Abelardo Estorino room, located in this city 100 kilometers east of Havana and a member institution of the Latin American Archives Network, welcomes this unique exhibition of the French singer Edith Piaff which is the ninth in the installation.

In this case, the two decades of Edith written by the playwright Gilberto Subiaurt, with the performances of the actress Miriam Muñoz and its author, a work that came to light in the headquarters of El Mirón Cubano in Matanzas, were reflected.

The Museum of Wooden Sculptures, which exhibits pieces inspired by emblematic works of national dramaturgy, has already reached its first year and is a project of CME, where the island’s scenic heritage is preserved, protected and disseminated.

The curator is the playwright Ulises Rodriguez Febles and the creator of this piece of art is Adam Rodriguez Falcon, scenic designer, sculptor and painter.

The first two pieces inaugurated in 2016 were ‘El Quijote,’ and ‘If you are going to eat, wait for Virgilio’, who pay homage to Albio Paz and José Milián, respectively.

At present the pieces Pelusín, by Dora Alonso; Santa Camila of Old Havana, José Ramón Brene; Pipepa, Jesus del Castillo; Eggs, Rodriguez Febles; Romance of a kite, Rene Fernández Santana and Vagos Rumores, Abelardo Estorino are also part of the museum.