French Artillery Models on Display in Havana

havana-live-pavel valdezHAVANA, Julio 10   La Grande Batterie, an exhibition of French line artillery miniature models, by Cuban sculptor Pavel Valdes was inaugurated in this city in the framework of the 12th Congress of the International Napoleonic Society (INS).

The evolution of the French weapon until 1803 is shown at a scale of 1:16, including mortars, howitzers, cannons, and projectiles of different calibers after the reforms made by the Grand Corso to the systems of Jan Florent Marquis de Valliere and Gribeauval.
To make this reproduction, the also sculpture professor of San Alejandro School used the plans of the original pieces, infantry treaties of the time and the information gleaned from his visits to the Paris Army Museum and the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels, Valdes told.trayectoria
The sample is a didactic approach to the military genius of Emperor Bonaparte and the influence of mathematical and scientific advances of the century on the arms manufacturing process, Colonel José Pardo de Santalla, military attache of the Spanish Embassy in Cuba, said during the opening.
This collection follows the initiative of the series of Spanish armory by the same author, presented last year at the Royal Force Castle. Pavel Valdes, who is also biologist, has become an important artist within Cuban sculptural production, with several works made in his workshop ¨Calosoma¨, such as the exhibition My Bronze Age (2010), and collaborations with members of the Office of the Historian of Havana city.(Photo Internet)