Francophonie Month begins in Cuba

Francophonie Month begins in Cuba

HAVANA, March 3. Music, cinema, visual arts, comics, exhibitions, important guests and more bring Francophonie Month, which will take place in Cuba from today until March 28,with activities in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Interviewed by Prensa Latina, the director of the French Alliance of Cuba, Alexandre Guillochon, reported that 11 embassies of French-speaking countries represented in this capital, in addition to numerous Cuban cultural institutions, participated in this event.

He highlighted that this is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and richness of French-speaking cultural and intellectual expressions and show them to the public on the island.

He announced that the inaugural concert will be at 7:00 p.m. local time in the theater of the National Museum of Fine Arts, starring the Swiss-Nigerian singer and producer Afra Kane; Meanwhile, two special guests will arrive from France to participate in the Francophonie Month: Xavier North and Fréderic Dumond.

Guillochon specified that six concerts will be held during the holiday and film screenings at the Napoleonic Museum in Havana, at the Victor Hugo House, and also in Santiago de Cuba.

He mentioned that also in Víctor Hugo, in Old Havana, through comics and philately in various activities, the history of France will be portrayed, another of the activities marked in a program designed for participants of all ages.

The director of the French Alliance of Cuba highlighted that the guest Xavier North has managed French linguistic policy for a decade and is the scientific curator of the permanent tour of the International City of the French Language, inaugurated in 2023 at the Villers-Cotterêts castle.

The 19th Francophonie Summit will take place there this year, an event that has not been organized in the French nation since 1991, he said.

He pointed out that Dumond is an exponent of the visual arts who has an anthropologist’s methodology to come into contact with the minority languages of some communities and make known the relationships of identity, power and exchange, among others.

Both will offer talks, performances and keynote lectures that are included in the varied program of the event, which also includes a concert by the Cuban pianist Mario Rivera, big band jazz concerts, French-speaking film nights, children’s contests, the presentation of the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, poetic cabaret and literature, characters from French-speaking comics, among many other presentations.

In Santiago de Cuba the headquarters will be the French Alliance of that city and the Casa Dranguet, while the actions will extend there from March 15 to 28.