France Expresses Support to Cuba in Front of Provocation Attempts

HAVANA, Feb 24 (PL) The French solidarity association Cuba Si France, today expressed its full support for the Caribbean nation, whose government reacted in recent days to a new attempt at provocation from ultra-right and anti-Cubangroups.

‘To a new coarse provocation and an intolerable foreign interference, the Cuban government had to face this week,’ pointed out the organization in a statement.

It referred to plans for the trip to Havana of some foreign figures, such as the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, in order to participate in events that sought to generate instability.

According to the association, the Cuban authorities took ‘the only decision that could protect the country from a new and particularly pernicious attack’, that is, to prevent them from entering the national territory.

‘The infamous plan fomented by the enemies of Cuba, which sought to create public disorder, broke down once more drowned in its own miasma,’noted the text.

He also noted that ‘thanks to the confidence in his people, the vigilance and the firmness of his revolutionary government, Cuba promptly returned, with energy and justice.’

The Foreign Ministry of the Caribbean nation denounced the facts a few days ago and offered all the details related to the situation.

‘The plan, plotted on several trips between Washington and other capitals of the region, was to mount in Havana an open and serious provocation against the Cuban government, generate internal instability, damage the international image of the country and, at the same time, affect the good progress of diplomatic relations between Cuba and other states, ‘the official statement noted.