Fourth Cuban Salsa Festival Opens in Havana

Fourth Cuban Salsa Festival Opens in Havana
HAVANA, Feb 19 (PL) The fourth edition of the Salsa Festival opens on Tuesday in Havana with the participation of the main Cuban dance music orchestras and artists from several countries.

Cuban bands such as Jose Luis Cortes and NG la Banda, Haila Maria Mompie, Adalberto Alvarez and su Son, Alexander Abreu y Habana D’ Primera, Issac Delgado and Los Van Van orchestra, to whom the festival will celebrate its 50 years of founding, will be presented from Wednesday at the Havana Metropolitan Park, the usual host of the event.

The festival program also includes the performance of renowned DJs from Spain, Germany, Italy and Slovenia and the main course is the concert by Puerto Rican singer Jerry Rivera.

The event will last until February 24 and is also dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Cuban singer and composer Benny More.

Salsa Festival, organized by the Carnival Company and the Provincial Directorate of Culture in Havana, with support of important Cuban institutions, has among its objectives to boost popular Cuban dance music.

According to its main sponsor, musician Maykel Blanco, the goal of this event is to foster and make known to the world the salsa music currently produced in Cuba, as well as dance and other cultural events.