Four foreigners were sentenced in Havana for child abuse

 havana-live-child-abuseHAVANA, 22 November A Canadian, an Indian and two Italians were sentenced to prison in Havana for having sex with minors in Cuba. In addition two other foreigners are awaiting trial and 13 Cubans have been convicted on this.

The Canadian was sentenced to 13 years, the Indian sentenced to a combined 30 years for crimes of corruption of minors and illegal drug trafficking and the 2 Italian sentenced to 23 and 25 years respectively on charges of murder and corruption of minors . While 2 other foreigners (English and Spanish) are pending the hearing of the trial for having sex with minors.

All this was presented in a report published by the Cuban Foreign Ministry which says that Cuba applies zero tolerance to human traffic and sexual abuse of any kind.
Moreover, the report noted that “since the middle of 2013 the police authorities because of provide tracking information indicating the existence of alleged cases of trafficking of young Cubans abroad, giving rise to research that still maintain its course.”

“We have been able to identify a group of Cubans traveling or residing in the related foreign-nationals, who are dedicated to the collection and transfer of victims under false promises of employment contracts, for which cover expenditure on output and the journey of these, fulfilling the legal formalities in place” it said. The report added that “in this way a debt must be paid by the exercise of prostitution in the country of destination.”
Source: Diario de Cuba