Former Cuban soldiers urge the FAR to side with the people

Former Cuban soldiers urge the FAR to side with the people

HAVANA, 22 Aug. A message sent by former Cuban soldiers urges the high command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) to side with the people and stop the repression.

The statement, addressed by the Military Conscientious Objectors (MOC) articulation to Division General Rigel Tejeda, head of the Eastern Army, urges the FAR high command not to stain their hands with blood, in the context of the recent citizen protests in Nuevitas, Camaguey.

“We make an urgent appeal to the FAR of Cuba. The repression of the MININT and paramilitaries against the noble people of Nuevitas seems to be the dress rehearsal for a new national wave of repression and must be forcefully rejected by the entire country, but especially by the FAR”, is heard in the message read by Máximo Omar Ruiz Matoses, former lieutenant colonel of the Cuban FAR and MININT, who served almost twenty years in prison, in solitary confinement.

The appeal continues to be addressed directly to the members of the Cuban army and asks them not to become the henchmen of those who misgovern Cuba.

“The time has come for the officers, classes, and soldiers of the FAR and those of the MININT who still do not have their hands stained, to side with the people and help them put an end to this corrupt mafia dictatorship (…) In the face of just protests of Nuevitas, the unjust repression has already reached our children”, continues the appeal.

The former soldiers directly call on the head of the Cuban Eastern Army to rise up against the injustices and the orders of the new Cuban oligarchy.

“We call on Rigel Tejeda, to guarantee in this context that his troops do not act as henchmen or mercenaries of the new oligarchy (…) He must not act as a private troop of those who ride their yachts while millions of Cubans go to bed without eating. ”, they emphasize.

The people of Nuevitas went out to protest last Thursday and Friday nights against the blackouts that affect them for more than 18 hours. According to the testimony of many residents, the peaceful protests have been fiercely repressed by the Cuban security forces.

This Sunday, the wave of repression against protesters continues, after the arrest of young people who participated in the days of protests.

“Right now they are putting the young people detained in the Nuevitas demonstrations in a cage truck for their transfer to the city of Camagüey.
The truck was surrounded by black berets. The relatives there, giving encouragement to their loved ones and telling them that everything will be fine,” activist Adrián Martínez Cádiz, who works in the Catholic Church as executive secretary of the Youth Ministry of Havana, points out this Sunday on his Facebook profile.

The also independent audiovisual producer refers that the area remains “militarized” and that the electrical service was interrupted around noon this Sunday, in which, he reiterated, “the arrests” of protesters continue.

In addition, harrowing testimonies about the arrests of protesters in that city have been released in recent hours.

The mother of the young Yasmani García Ramírez, arrested for going out to protest in the streets and defending minors from police violence, said in a video posted on social networks that her son is being held in the PNR unit (Police Nacional Revolucionaria) of the Nuevitas municipality, “because simply, peacefully, they went out to claim their rights in the street after an 11-hour blackout.”

“My son only defends children, that youth who, like him, have rights. Children in this country do not have milk from the age of seven and you cannot find an establishment where you can buy another liter of milk for your child”, she stated.