Floridita de Cuba today has opend an attractive decanter

Floridita de Cuba today has opend an attractive decanter

HAVANA, January 24  Tour guides, tour operators and managers of the travel industry in Cuba today highlighted the new features of the attractive Floridita Restaurant-Bar, known for the constant presence there of the American novelist Ernest Hemingway.

Located in one of the busiest places in Old Havana, this establishment is a symbol of island gastronomy and the history related to travelers and in one of its corners there appears a bronze statue of the North American writer, who frequented that place during his lifetime. during his more than 20 years of stay in this city.

The legendary Restaurant-Bar now has an attractive liquor store integrated into its building with all the conditions to market, very soon, the wines produced in Cuba, according to its director, Orlando Blanco, a real novelty that is added to the place.

During a tasting of four wines produced by self-employed worker (TCP) Manuel Fariñas, the director announced that this location will be a new option to attract greater income for the establishment also known as the Cradle of the Daiquirí.

In addition, it will allow the products created with great effort by the island’s winemakers to be promoted, while promoting their development of organoleptic qualities, admitted the director of the also known as the Cathedral of Cuban Cocktails.

On the premises, located next to the Piña de Plata restaurant, with the front on Obispo Street, wines from national wineries such as Rodrigar, Vinos Molina S.R.L., Fariñas, all members of the Havana Winegrowers Club La Giraldilla, among others, will be sold. others.

Regarding the four Fariñas drinks, a red, a semi-sweet, a sweet muscatel and a vermouth, the Blanco sommelier highlighted its high quality, while approving all its charms for the creation of cocktails, as well as sharing with foods such as pork, fish and rabbit.

For his part, Alejandro Bolívar, a long-time bartender at Floridita, expressed his surprise at the quality of the four wines tasted and praised the seriousness of the work carried out by Fariñas in developing and creating national drinks comparable to the most demanding international ones.

Fariñas commented that since 1983 he has been producing different types of wines that are currently sold in a store located in the Centro Habana municipality on Calle Reina, Number 351, corner Lealtad.

Listed as the birthplace of the Daiquiri cocktail, the Floridita Restaurant-Bar opened its doors in 1817, being a simple restaurant, although today it conserves and preserves the design and part of the original furniture from the beginning of the 20th century.

The title of Cathedral of Cocktails would come to this bar in 1914 when the Spanish bartender named Constantino Ribalaigua Vert, creator of the Daiquirí, began working, 1918 became the owner of the place and later became a hotel businessman.

The famous restaurant bar received famous personalities from cinema, fashion, literature and music in its 207 years of existence.