Floods in Havana due to intense rains

Floods in Havana due to intense rains

HAVANA, June 7  The Cuban capital was hit by intense rains this Thursday, causing severe flooding in various municipalities, including Old Havana and Central Havana.The effects could continue today.

Several Internet users confirmed the situation, reporting intense rains in different locations such as Reparto Santa Amalia, Arroyo Naranjo, Alamar, La Lisa, San Agustín and El Guatao. Significant rains were even recorded in Matanzas.

Shocking images have been shared on social networks showing the streets completely flooded and vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, submerged in the water. These visual records show the magnitude of the rains that have left several streets impassable.

The Cuban Institute of Meteorology (INSMET) had predicted this scenario, warning of possible showers, rain and thunderstorms for the afternoon and evening of Thursday in much of the national territory.

According to its daily statement, “in the afternoon it will be cloudy in a large part of the national territory with some showers, rains and thunderstorms, which will be more numerous in localities in the interior and northern coast of the center and west.”

It was highlighted that these adverse conditions could persist until the early hours of the night, with maximum temperatures between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Havana residents also face additional challenges due to slippery roads and the recklessness of some teenagers who play by hooking onto moving vehicles, exposing themselves to serious dangers.

A Facebook user warned about this situation in the Lido area, indicating the presence of numerous young people on the streets.

In addition, the partial collapse of a building on Esperanza Street #417, between Carmen and Figuras, in the municipality of Old Havana, was reported. The structure, which was already at risk of collapse, succumbed to heavy rains, causing concern among area residents.

Images shared on Facebook show the anguish of residents in neighborhoods such as Luyanó, Santo Suárez, Lawton, Tamarindo and Vía Blanca, where floods left many people trapped in their homes and caused traffic problems.

Journalist Lázaro Alonso, from Meteorology, highlighted that the increase in rain is typical for the month of June, and mentioned the possibility of severe weather events due to the heat. The situation in central and eastern Cuba appears to be particularly active according to satellite data.

Authorities and citizens continue to monitor the situation as the rains continue to affect daily life in Havana and other areas of Cuba.