Flights from Cancun to Havana, a fast option to travel to Cuba

Flights from Cancun to Havana, a fast option to travel to Cuba

HAVANA, Oct. 18th Many residents and citizens of the United States are looking for a quick option to travel to Cuba and reunite with their families

after a long period of closure of the island’s borders due to the coronavirus crisis. VaCuba, a Miami travel agency, has an offer of commercial flights through Cancun that allow you to get to Havana in a few hours and meet the people you love on the island as soon as possible.

Can I connect from Miami to Cancun with VaCuba?

Yes, the travel agency can organize links from Miami to Cancun. The available flights are with regular airlines. Travellers can carry 10 kilograms of hand luggage and 23 kilograms in the suitcase in the hold of the plane.

The Cancun – Havana – Cancun flights arrive on the island through Terminal 3 of the José Martí Airport. They have two weekly frequencies, Monday and Friday. The departures begin this October 18.
Do I have to quarantine when travelling to Cuba?

Yes, the Cuban government indicated that it will open its borders as of November 15 and promised to ease health protocols, but for the moment it maintains those it imposed since February when the coronavirus crisis in the country worsened.

Passengers are required to serve a quarantine of 5 nights and 6 days in a hotel. The reservation can be made at the VaCuba agency. Commercial managers have various offers available and you can choose the one that best suits your interests.

It is mandatory to present a negative PCR test, carried out in 72 hours prior to the date of the trip, in order to travel to Cuba.

How to book a fast flight to Cuba?

Cancun – Havana flights are an option for fast travel to Cuba. The price of these trips depends on several factors, such as whether the client requests a link between Miami – Cancun, which makes the ticket more expensive.

If you are interested in travelling to Havana soon, you can contact VaCuba by phone at 305 649 34 91. Commercial managers have all the necessary information about this service. You can also contact them through social networks or personally visit the company’s offices in Miami.