Fla. business owners attend expo in Havana and “dream”

HAVANA, Nov.1th  A small group of Florida business owners boarded a plane for Cuba on Saturday afternoon.  They are headed to an international business expo in Havana.

The event gives American entrepreneurs a chance to network and connect with Cuban business people.”Primarily my interest is education I understand it’s very important to the Cuban people so I’m just curious how they have managed without the technology we have to educate their people,” said Dana Moxley.

There is still an American embargo with Cuba, but Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba with certain restrictions.  Ivar Fiskaa owns “tampa2cuba.com.”  He believes it won’t be long before the embargo is lifted, which means business owners are researching the country now.

“They are very interested in the future doing business with Cuba because there are more and more American entrepreneurs in different fields that want to go down now and see what they can do when probably they will lift the embargo soon,” said Fiskaa.

Fiskaa estimates about 2,000 people travel to Cuba each month from the Tampa Bay area.  He said this is a huge increase from just a few years ago.
” You have to go see cuba now while it’s still not totally changed,” said Fiskaa.
Reports show Americans visiting Cuba is up more than 35-percent.