Five thousand runners will compete in the Cuban capital

Five thousand runners will compete in the Cuban capitalHAVANA, Nov 18 Some 4 thousand 975 runners are already confirmed to participate in the Marabrana-2017 and the number will increase before the start of next Sunday.

As explained by the president of the main Cuban marathon, Carlos Gatorno, three thousand 713 of the competitors are Cubans and the other thousand 262 foreigners belonging to 68 countries. However, these figures may change.

“It is the most massive sporting event that takes place in Cuba, the one of more foreign participation that is celebrated in this country and in the history of the Cuban sports movement,” said Gatorno.

Due to the current situation of Cuba-United States relations and the latest measures taken by the administration of Donald Trump, the number of US runners was reduced by 300. However, this confirms that a high participation can be achieved without depending on the northern nation; referred the president of Marabana.

The direction of the race also announced some changes in the design: “Marabana has grown, it will have a new image, the circuit will be signposted differently”.

“The next edition will be much higher,” said Gatorno excited, sure that the event will not stop growing. In 2018, the race will be held on November 18.
Marabana gave a recognition to Mapoma (Madrid Marathon) as a tribute to the 30 years of partnership between both events. Pablo Rumbao, director of the Madrid Marathon, described the historical relationship between both races:

“We have overcome many difficulties, do not forget that 30 years ago the international situation was different. Cuba and Spain, although they maintain relations, have had their ups and downs; All that we raffled and not with a few headaches. During these three decades we have also shared something that only the marathon transmits: solidarity, effort, sacrifice and fraternity “.

On Sunday, November 19, at 7:00 am, “exit!” Will be shouted on Prado Street in Old Havana, just in front of the Kid Chocolate room and the Capitol.

Cuban competitors to follow in each distance:

10 km Female: Tamara Camelia Milanés (Guantánamo), Yadira Peña Socarrás (Las Tunas), Daniela Ciara Vega (Havana), Yorlin Ocampo Bueno (Camagüey).

10km Male: Luis Ernesto Hernandez (Las Tunas), Jorge Esquivel Torres (Havana), Yeisel Diaz Vidal (Las Tunas), Ricardo Daniel Reyes (Artemisa) and Frank Daniel Castro (Havana).

21km Women: Dailín Belmontes Torres (Santiago de Cuba), Milena Pérez García (Villa Clara / Second in 2016) and Kiara Cruz Mariño (Guantánamo).

21km Male: Richer Pérez Cobas (Havana / Champion 2016), Yuleidys La O Terrero (Holguín), Francisco Rodney Estévez (Havana / Champion 10km in 2016), Luis Ángel Martínez (Guantánamo), Leonardo Charón Plutín (Santiago de Cuba) .

42km Women: Yudisleydis Castillo Tumbarell (Santiago de Cuba / 21km Champion in 2016), Misleydis Vargas Hernández (Artemisa / Champion 2016), Lisandra Gómez Charon (Holguín / Tercera in 2016) and Aracelis Lamot Luis (Guantánamo).

Men’s 42km: Henry Jaen Ortiz (Santiago de Cuba / Champion 2016), Jorge Luis Suárez (Havana), Yumier Fouan Santistebán (Granma / Second 2016), Alien Reyes Ramírez (Granma / Tercero 2016) and Hormelys Issac Pichardo (Havana) .