Five products you need to carry in your suitcase if you go to Cuba

Cinco productos que siempre llevas en la maleta si vas a Cuba

HAVANA, February 20. Packing your suitcase to travel to Cuba is a unique challenge and generally, every Cuban has five essential elements that they cannot fail to bringif you want to guarantee a stay without unforeseen events.

The widespread shortage makes the list of essentials quite peculiar. First and possibly most importantly, the medications.

Carry a small first aid kit with acetaminophen, paracetamol and ibuprofen. In Cuba, a toothache can become a real odyssey if you don’t have the right painkiller in your luggage. Generally, we Cubans take advantage of the trip to bring medicines for the whole family.

Secondly, don’t forget to pack milk powder. Milk is a basic necessity, and on the island, it is a scarce, very scarce commodity.

If you want to make sure you enjoy this dietary staple during your stay and have a café con leche for breakfast with your grandmother, include it on your priority list. And when buying powdered milk, always choose the large package.

In third place, we have the underwear. Socks, jackets and underwear, more than for personal use, are usually carried in extra packages to give to family and friends.

These are items in high demand that you can buy outside of Cuba at affordable prices and they are always well received on the island, because there are none there, or they are of poor quality and expensive.

In fourth place among the essentials are dental hygiene and personal hygiene products. Be sure to bring several tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes, as well as your deodorant and shampoo.

Although they may seem like common things, in Cuba these items disappear quickly from the shelves, and their quality often leaves much to be desired.

Finally, there is an item that few would imagine taking on a trip, but that is vital on the island: toilet paper, tissues, and wet wipes. Personal hygiene is essential, and these products are a kind of invaluable currency in Cuba given their chronic shortage.

If you don’t have them, you will have to find a cloth and a bottle of water, like thousands of Cubans do to be able to wash their hands in the street.

Packing for Cuba is mixing the basics with the essentials in a suitcase that is never enough. It is thinking about your well-being and that of others. Follow these tips and your experience on the island will be more bearable. Make sure you carry the essentials.

Before closing, I want to mention a sixth product that you have probably already been asked for from Cuba, even before you said you were going to travel… A cell phone!

If you are going to renew your cell phone or laptop before going to the island, remember to save the old one and keep the charger, cables and headphones, because all of this will be received like hotcakes in Cuba.