First solar-powered charging station opens in Havana

First solar-powered charging station opens in Havana

HAVANA, Feb 28  The first station for electric motorcycles, using solar renewable energy sources, was opened in Havana.As reported by the Government of the capital city in its Facebook profile, the place with a capacity for three motorcycles is located at the University of Medical Sciences of Havana and provides services to students and workers.

Those responsible for creating this station were the technology-based company Electrika SURL, which is based in the Scientific and Technological Park – Havana, it added.

The Scientific and Technological Park of Havana is an innovation ecosystem for the development of projects and the development and establishment of new technology-based companies in the information and communication technologies sector,

It is also conceived as an organization that combines scientific research, technological innovation, high-level training, and the development of products and services of high added value.