Electric motorcycles Fire in Central Havana kills 7 people

Electric motorcycles Fire in Central Havana kills 7 people

HAVANA, June 28  Five adults and two minors died this morning as a result of a fire in Central Havana, which occurred on Perseverancia #159 street, between Ánimas and Virtudes.According to the Havana government, the incident acquired large proportions and was generated while two electric motorcycles were being charged at the entrance of the house.

The fire was controlled, but the loss of human lives could not be avoided, according to the provincial authorities.

The seven people who died in the fire in Centro Habana belonged to the same family nucleus. Official information from the provincial government confirmed that five of them were adults and two were minors and that the cause had been the burning of electric mopeds.

Everything seems to indicate that the event began with the explosion of the vehicles that were at the entrance to the room, indicate state sources. The damaged house was of mixed construction, with masonry and wood structures inside.

The fire was extinguished by joint forces of the Ministry of the Interior, the police and teams from the Fire Department of the municipalities of Old Havana, Cerro, Plaza de la Revolución and Regla, in addition to the Rescue and Rescue Detachment.

Electric motorcycles Fire in Central Havana kills 7 people

Fires of electric motorcycles in Cuba

Fires caused by the explosion of electric motorcycles occur with some frequency in Cuba, mainly in Havana, the province with the largest number of vehicles in the country.

In March of this year, for example, the explosion of an electric motorcycle in Havana caused the death of two people and injured three. The same thing happened in 2022 in a city parking lot, that fire in Central Havana started with an electric motorcycle and damaged 12 other vehicles.

The explosion of an electric motorbike being charged also caused a fire that devastated the garage of the iconic Hermanas Giralt building, in Vedado, in the first months of this year, and these are just a few cases.

According to official reports, the number of accidents and accidents caused by electric motorcycle battery explosions numbers in the dozens each year in various provinces of the country, at least since 2020.