Fines are applied in Havana for excessive prices

Fines are applied in Havana for excessive prices

HAVANA, May 31  Only in May, more than five thousand fines have been applied in Havana for infractions linked to abusive prices and the failure to display fares in visible places, according to the local newspaper Tribuna.Protected by Decree Law 30, capital authorities have evaluated some economic actions, especially the surveillance of abusive prices and the application of fines to exercise control.

In addition, the “diversion of merchandise” and deficient cost sheets are noted as another infraction, which determines non-compliance with agreed prices and the absence of agreed prices in state sites that rent to private sellers.

This medium reported that around 22 companies would close the month of May with economic losses.

Applying this policy of fines against abusive prices not only in Havana, but in the rest of the country, has become recurrent to try to confront inflation. Many Cubans believe that the number of inspectors is insufficient and that private sellers are not the only violators of these rules.

Fines of between 4,000 and 8,000 pesos, according to criteria established by Decrees 30 and 45, which define abusive prices as those that “exceed a reasonable profit margin compared to similar products or within the same category,” are constantly imposed in La Havana, after detecting some type of violation of what was established.