Fincimex restores remittance service to Cuba with AIS USD cards

Fincimex restores remittance service to Cuba with AIS USD cards

HAVANA, March 23. La Financiera Cimex, S.A. (FINCIMEX) said that it restored the remittance service with AIS USD cards in Cuba.After several weeks with the delivery of remittances stopped due to an alleged “technical failure”, FINCIMEX announced on its social networks that money transfers to AIS USD cards have been restored.

The news is favorable for many Cubans who receive remittances from abroad through this means, but it generated debate on the social networks of the Cimex financial company because there are still users who have not received their remittances through other magnetic cards with entities such as Banco Popular de Saving.

“And the shipments delayed for when? It’s been almost two months and nothing,” said a person who has not received his remittance in Cuba. “Well, what about the Banco Popular de Ahorro cards? Because it’s been 17 days since they sent it to me and nothing,” commented another client.

A week ago FINCIMEX left a message on its social networks asking its users for calm. They assure that the money pending delivery “is not lost.”

“The cause of the interruption is force majeure. It does not seem correct to us to judge a stable service over time and 100% safe due to a specific unwanted incident,” they commented from the Cuban state entity.