CUBA PREPARES ANIMAL WELFARE LAWHAVANA, August 1th (Isbel Díaz Torres) Dr. María Gloria Vidal, Animal Health specialist of the Ministry of Agriculture in Cuba, announced today on the Cubavisión International channel that her agency is currently working on the preparation of a draft Law on Animal welfare.

The concept of “well-being” includes the idea of ​​”animal protection” that NGOs and independent groups in Cuba have been defending, but it is much more comprehensive, explained this morning the president of the National Animal Welfare Committee.

Few elements on the serious situation of violence and lack of protection suffered by animals in Cuba were offered in the program “En buen cubano”, where the official was presented along with Dr. Fernando Domínguez Dieppa, member of the management of the Cuban Association of Amateurs to the cats.

The specialists mentioned the need for legislation on the subject in Cuba, but they always pointed out that a law will never be enough, if it is not accompanied by a work of culture and awareness on the issue among the population.

Although the reports that accompanied the debate only presented the development of the Federation Cinológica de Cuba, its championships, exhibitions and pure breeds of dogs; Cuban reality in recent months is critical, due to dog and cat poisoning campaigns developed by the Ministry of Public Health in several provinces, including the capital of the island.

Homeless animals roam the major Cuban cities, victims of neglect of people and institutions, including Zoonosis stands.

In addition to dogs and cats, other animals are victims of abuse and abuses, such as horses used to load and transport people, pigeons raised in overcrowded conditions, and roosters that the Cuban government itself exports to Mexico to participate in fights that culminate in the violent death of the animal.

Activists in social networks have kept reporting these aggressions, and are currently developing a campaign to include some reference to animal protection in the new Cuban Constitution that will be discussed in these months.
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