Fidel Castro is not Justin Trudeau’s father, calm down internet

HAVANA,Feb. 18th  (ANI) Canadian government has put a stop to rumour mills stating that Fidel Castro is the ‘real’ father of Canadian Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau.

As quoted by The New York Times, the Canadian government denied the report this week, saying Trudeau was born just over 9 months after his parents’ wedding.

The refutal report further pointed out that Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971 to the then Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau and his wife, Margaret that was more than four years before Margaret made a much-publicised first trip to Cuba and met Castro.

For quite some time now, the internet has been running amok with the rumours suggesting that Trudeau was fathered by the Cuban communist revolutionary.

The allegations started making rounds after Castro’s suicide in 2016 when Trudeau caused uproar over remarks praising the late Cuban leader.

The theory once again spurred the internet after Castro’s eldest son Fidelito killed himself in February this year. According to various reports, Fidelito left a suicide note behind where he addressed the 46-year-old Prime Minister as his ‘half-brother’.

Cuban government had never made this claim and had never substantiated the existence of any such suicide note. (ANI)