Ferry “Perseverancia” without fuel for trips to Isla de la Juventud

Ferry "Perseverancia" without fuel for trips to Isla de la Juventud

HAVANA, March 28. The ‘Perseverancia’ ferry is ready but inoperative due to the fuel crisis in Cuba. The newly repaired ferry ‘Perseverance’ cannot start its services between Isla de la Juventud and Batabanó due to a lack of fuel, exacerbating the already tense situation of Cuban maritime transport.

The Cuban Travel Company faced a serious obstacle after the ferry ‘Perseverancia’, intended to improve the maritime connection between Nueva Gerona and Batabanó, was immobilized due to lack of fuel despite being completely repaired.

The situation further complicates the transportation landscape on the Isle of Youth, which has seen severe limitations due to a shortage of available boats.

Ramón Leyva Morales, Coordinator of the Integrated Travel Management System, said that priority is being given to those cases with medical emergencies, connections with international flights and trips to other provinces, implying a complicated selection and preference in the issuance of tickets.

In August 2023, the ‘Perseverancia’ began providing services with the intention of taking over from the catamarans that travel this essential route for the mobility of the islanders.

With rates ranging from 200 CUP for passengers to 780 CUP for vehicle transfers, their service offered an additional option for travelers.

However, operations were abruptly suspended in September of the same year, reducing travel options for the population.

The limited availability of trips has generated a considerable stagnation in transfers, which is associated not only with the lack of boats but also with the energy crisis suffered by the country, in this case, evidenced by the lack of fuel for the ‘Perseverancia’ .

This circumstance prolongs the uncertainty for many citizens who depend on the maritime service for their basic movements.

The authorities have not provided a date for the resumption of the ‘Perseverancia’ service, keeping citizens in undeniable anxiety.

Furthermore, no additional information has been provided on palliative measures or short-term solutions to resolve the deficiencies in maritime transport that this situation has caused.

The fuel crisis in Cuba, which has been affecting various sectors for some time, continues to impact the daily lives of many Cubans.