FedEx looking for ‘alternative service options’ to Cuba

FedEx looking for 'alternative service options' to Cuba

HAVANA, Dec. 14th It’s a no-go for FedEx’s scheduled service to Cuba. The Memphis-based logistics and delivery giant received approval from the Department of Transportation (DOT) in July 2016 to be the first all-cargo airline to start service to Cuba.

That approval was followed by multiple launch date extensions filed by FedEx Corp. — with the latest set for Saturday, Dec. 15.

With that date approaching, the Memphis Business Journal asked FedEx if service would, in fact, begin this weekend.

FedEx provided the following statement Dec. 14, in response:

“FedEx will not be filing for an extension of the start-up date for U.S. – Cuba cargo air service between Miami and Varadero (VRA.) We are evaluating alternative all-cargo service options to Cuba.”

The original plan was for FedEx to run flights, Monday through Friday, from Miami to Matanzas/Varadero starting in April 2017. The extension pushed that to Oct.15, 2017, then to June 15, 2018, and then finally to the Dec. 15.