FARC rebels invite Miss Universe, for peace talks in Havana

havana-live-miss_colombia_universo HAVANA, 7 Feb. Colombia’s FARC rebels have invited newly crowned Miss Universe Paulina Vega to attend their peace negotiations.

The beauty queen hasn’t responded as yet.Miss Universe Paulina Vega was invited by rebels of Colombia’s Marxist FARC movement, who believed her presence was of utmost importance in negotiating peace with their government in Havana, Cuba’s capital.
“We welcome your willingness to travel to Havana and we invite you to materialize your visit to update you about the development of the peace talks, the progress and the enormous contributions that you and the majorities who desire peace can make,” the organization’s peace delegation wrote on its website.

It is however unclear how the beauty queen, also a Colombian national, could help establish peace between the guerilla and the government in Bogota, who have been involved in an armed struggle since the 1960s.
The beauty queen had still not responded to the rebels’ invitation. The 22-year-old Vega is a business student and model from Colombia’s Baranquilla. She was named Miss Universe this January and had expressed her willingness to travel to peace talks in Havana in several interviews.

Representatives of the guerillas and the Colombian government have been speaking in Cuba’s capital Havana and have agreed on land reforms, an end to illegal drug trade and political participation for former guerillas until now. mg/rc (Reuters, AFP)