Fals information from CNN on refusal to certify Cuban vaccines

Fals information from CNN on refusal to certify Cuban vaccines

HAVANA, Sep 2nd The business group BioCubaFarma denied information from the CNN news network about the alleged refusal of the World Health Organization (WHO) to certify Cuba’s anti-COVID-19 vaccines.

The US media reported this Wednesday that the international entity denied authorization for the emergency use of the Cuban injectable Abdala, so it cannot be purchased through the Revolving Fund of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

From its official profile on Twitter, the island’s state conglomerate of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries explained that from the first stage of development of these national drugs against Covid-19 it exchanges with the representation of the WHO-PAHO in the country and keeps the results updated.

BioCubaFarma also reported that it will soon hold talks on the prequalification process for Cuban vaccines to face the pandemic.

Also from that social network, the president of that organization, Eduardo Martínez, confirmed that after the authorization of the emergency use of three Cuban anti-Covid-19 vaccines by the national regulatory entity, CECMED, it is expected to begin exchanges with the WHO for their recognition.

It is impossible that the WHO has denied the granting of any license, taking into account that Cuba has not requested the pertinent verifications to obtain those certificates, much less has personnel from that world body travelled to the country to verify or assess the efficacy and safety of vaccines, he stressed. (PL)