HAVANA, Nov. 28th (By: Yulia Rodrigues) This November 28 the Cuban crowd gathered in the streets around the Focsa for reasons for many strangers, for others by a shocking news. It all started with an explosion, residents of the area felt the noise and it was imminent to stop their initial tasks to go to the scene.

Then a dark cloud followed, reaching the top floor. According to one officer, the 29th floor was the protagonist of the accident. Patrols were responsible for closing the streets, two ambulances ready to provide their services, cranes, firefighters all responded to the call for help.EXPLOSION IN THE FOCUS BUILDING

Everything seems to indicate that the cause of this accident originated in one of the elevators, when a maintenance service was performed. Acetylene gas is commonly used in metal welding due to the high temperatures reached by the mixtures of acetylene and oxygen in its combustion. It is not a toxic or corrosive gas, although it is very flammable. It burns in the air with luminous, smoky and high temperature flame. Due to its wide flammability range, acetylene is a gas that must be treated with special care.

The incident began with a rumble, an action and a respite out of worries. The workers of said enclosure were evacuated immediately, and there were no injured or deceased. Adding to another of the mysterious fires that occurred this year in Cuba.EXPLOSION IN THE FOCUS BUILDING