Etecsa’s financial situation makes telecommunications unstable

Etecsa's financial situation makes telecommunications unstable

HAVANA, May 23th.  A current “unfavorable” financial situation for the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) threatens the possibility of investing in technological improvements that make it possible to increase connectivity, the quality of services, or even the sustainability of the system.

This is what executives from the only telecommunications company in Cuba recognized, adding that “the financial situation does not allow us to expand investments. The same thing happens with 4G base stations, used for data.”

Other problems for the company center on the growing saturation of the 3G network, which is used primarily for voice, according to the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

Likewise, the obsolescence of the technology used in the cables and cabinets located on the streets of the Island is related to the fact that there are an average of 16,000 interruptions, the vast majority in the capital, some of them lasting more than seven days in their operation. solution.

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The commercial vice president of Etecsa once again resorted to blackouts as the “culprit” for the poor state of Internet services.

“At this time, approximately 450 base stations are reported to be interrupted daily for this reason, and a considerable number of fixed telephone services are being reported. Effects of generator sets that remain on for long periods of time are also already being handled,” she said.

He expressed that they have difficulties with “the lack of supplies to replace broken Nauta Hogar modems, alternative landline telephone equipment and to achieve the replacement of SIM cards”, for which they urged “to take good care of what you have”, an alert that there will be no replacement in case they break.

Regarding cell phone cards and SIMs, they explained that “these are purchased in batches, and one for new lines is not the same as another for replacement cards. Each SIM is programmed for a function.”

That is why the Commercial Vice President “recommended users to ensure good care of the SIM card. Among the tips provided are avoiding scratches, exposure to heat, preventing it from bending or being exposed to water, or making improper cuts to adapt it to a specific cell phone.”

According to published data, Etecsa has 5,684 radio bases, 1,300 of them with 4G technology; 280,000 homes with Nauta Hogar and 7.8 million mobile lines.