ETECSA offer! Receive 25 GB, free WhatsApp and 2000 CUP

ETECSA offer! Receive 25 GB, free WhatsApp and 2000 CUP

HAVANA, March 11. Starting today, March 11, an ETECSA offer starts, with a time limit, as it will only be active until next March 17.That is, from today, Monday until next Sunday. Among the benefits of this international recharge are the 25 GB “gift”, plus free WhatsApp and 2,000 pesos for your purse.

According to the official ETECSA website, from March 11 to 17, 2024, each prepaid customer who receives an international recharge in that period – equal to or greater than 500CUP and no more than 1250CUP – will receive an additional bonus of 25GB (all networks ) plus the enjoyment of FREE WhatsApp (24 hours a day).

In addition, they specify “if the client has received in the last 30 days: recharges, plans, or international promotions, THEY WILL EARN 2000 CUP balance that will be added to the amount of money recharged in their main balance”

“Customers who have not received international recharges, plans, or promotions in the last 30 days at the time of receiving this international recharge, will only receive the amount of money recharged in their main balance. Therefore, they will not receive 2000 CUP as a balance,” they add.

Customers who receive multiple recharges during the promotion, whether on the same day or on different days, accumulate both the main balance and the bonuses. This implies that the duration of the bonus is extended with each new recharge, allowing the customer to enjoy its benefits for a longer period, according to Etecsa.

This ETECSA international recharge offer from today has this limit, as it will be valid from March 11 to 17, 2024: from 00:01 a.m. on March 11 to 11:59 p.m. on March 17, 2024, time from Cuba.

From what sites can it be recharged, according to ETECSA? The websites they promote are: Dtone, Ding, Recargasacuba, Cubacel.etopuponline, Recharge-phones and Katapulk, among others.

The recharge amount must be between 500 CUP and up to 1250 CUP for this offer to be valid. Below 500 CUP this promotion will not apply, nor above 1250 CUP.