ETECSA introduces new mobile numbering for its clients in Cuba

ETECSA introduces new mobile numbering for its clients in Cuba

HAVANA, Dec. 30th. The Cuban Telecommunications Company, ETECSA, has announced the implementation of a new mobile numbering for its clients in the country. From now on, a series of numbers starting with the code “63” has been enabled for cell lines.

This new numbering represents a significant advance in the telecommunications sector in Cuba. Customers who sign up for a new cell line, whether prepaid or postpaid, will receive a number that begins with “63.” Importantly, this new numbering will not affect existing numbers, which continue to begin with the code “5.”

The introduction of this new numbering is expected to improve the availability of mobile numbers in the country and facilitate communication between users.

Customers will be able to easily identify calls coming from the new numbers as they will appear on their device screen as “+53 63XX XXXX”, with the last four digits varying depending on the specific number.

In addition, it should be noted that calls made from the new numbers of the mobile number “63” will be free for receiving users. This means that the cost of the call will be assumed by the person making the call, following the principle popularly known as “whoever calls, pays” as happens with the rest of the numbers.

ETECSA has made a frequently asked questions section available to its clients on its website, where additional information about this new numbering is provided and common doubts are clarified. Users can also contact ETECSA customer service for more details or to resolve any queries related to this update.